I struggle with anxiety nearly everyday which has been caused by so many issues in my past. Someday’s I feel as if my head is going to explode. Just day to day living is sometimes almost more than I can stand. When I get in moments like this….and all this “stuff” starts filling my head, I just have to pause, remember who I am in Him and remember He is in control. This allows me to let go of that worry and anxiety for the day. It is pretty awesome to have a God that cares so much for me so much, that He loves me right where I am at, and surprise He loves you that way to!
He reminds us daily of His mercy and grace everyday. You see I try not to take on what others have labeled me, but to realize to rest in the comfort that He knows who I am! He made me, so He knows every ounce of my being, my feelings, my thoughts, and that in His name….I can be free of worry and the bondage of anxiety.
Praise God that He is such an awesome God that you do not have to struggle with this issue either anymore. Remember whenever it comes up, like it does with me daily….remember who you are in Him! That is all that matter’s in this lifetime is that we are pleasing to Him and not worried about what others say about us.
Ronnie and I have lost family, friends, and a whole lot more and sometimes that can fill our minds with our wrongdoings instead of focusing on the things we are doing right, the changes we have made in our lives, and that we have set our lives out-there to help others. Let me know if you to struggle with anxiety and worry and just how Ronnie and I can pray for you….till tomorrow God bles

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