Being Bold

I was at a local nail shop last night and right when the guy sat down to do my nails, he never said a word. I said hello how are you and he kinda moaned (and yes he spoke English). It went down hill from there, I kept asking him to fix one of my nails that had broken and he kept choosing not to do it, he just wanted to patch it up instead of fixing it right. He was very lazy and you could tell he did not want to be there much less doing my nails. I was boiling with anger at this point. I am the one paying him and he treats me with no respect whatsoever. The longer it went on the madder I got. I am usually not a complainer and normally never say a word, I just live with it but this time I spoke out to the girl who managed the place. She came and asked me if everything was alright I told her no and what had happened. She got another guy to finish my nails and then she took over. Had I not got angry enough to say something to her….
I would have missed a huge blessing. As she took over and painted my nails, she asked me why I wanted my nails painted pink and blue. I told her I had a book signing Saturday and I wanted the color to match the color of my book….(I know such a princess)….I shared some of my story with her. She just opened up like a flower and started sharing with me about her childhood in Vietnam. How her grandmother emotional abused her calling her fat, stupid, you will never amount to anything and the abuse even worse. She shared her hurt and her pain with me throughout her whole childhood. When I was driving home, the anger had ceased. The anger left ask quick as the sympathy for this girl filled my heart. I think God wants us to speak up, not be afraid to stand up for ourselves, and to be bold…you never know when a mess turns into a message.
It happened just the way God had planned. SO think over the last months or so and share with Ronnie and I situations you should have spoke up in and didn’t. And does this post help you to become a little bit more bold.

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