God is not going to pay you back with problems.

I recently heard someone say “If I do this wrong-doing or that wrong-doing, God may take my kids away.” Can I just tell you God does not work like that. If that were true that means, we can only live a Christian life by good works. God is not a God of good works, the bible actually says, there are no good works we could do to earn our place in heaven. Yes, we should have a healthy fear of God, but not fearful. In my opinion when we become a Christian and start living a new life, we strive to please God and try not to disappoint Him in any way, but guess what we do. I know for myself that when I became a Christian I knew I was going to fall short every day, and I do. But I do not fear that because of my falling short, that God is going to do something horrible, or take my children away from me, or anything else along those lines. I think “Religion” not “Relationship” has made people show God in a way He does not want to be represented, that is what turns God off to others. Would you want to love someone only under the conditions that you had to be good all the time? God does not want that kind of love with us either, He wants to show us a kind, amazingly loving, forgiving, father, but yet, a strong Father that wants to discipline his children in the way a father should reprimand His children. God is a loving God; He loves you more than you will ever know. Sin entered the world when Eve disobeyed God and ate that stupid apple…. (when I am eating an apple I cannot believe that small little fruit is what turned the world upside down…and yes, I have a bone to pick with her when I get up there.) God intended for us to have a perfect world until she made that one wrong choice. Which shows us that we do have consequences for our actions, but HE never stops loving us, always holding his arms out to comfort us as little children. I don’t understand when something bad happens, we tend to blame God. God does not do these things, “Satan” does. As the word says “Satan” comes to still, kill and destroy. Friends I want you to know the God I know on such a personal level. Hopefully you will finally find the answers you need to fill that void in your life that no one can fill other than Him.

God Bless
Ronnie and Christie

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