In the Midst of Trouble

Sometimes the Lords control over our lives places us in humbling circumstances. When you are in the middle of adversity and you feel powerless, you long to be in control of your life once again. Sometimes when we are in these places it is the best place to be. It seems like when we are going through a difficult time, that is when we rely of God the most. We have one life and two choices, we can either lash out at our circumstance, or we can allow God to use our hurt for his glory and draw closer to Him. When we are going through trials our need for the Lord is greater than ever. The more you draw near to Him, the more you will feel His unfailing love and also affirm your trust in Him. You can even be joyful in your circumstances trusting that Jesus is working behind the scenes and you will come out of this and He will lift you up. He is wanting us to cast ALL our cares on Him, trust him, and you Will come out on top!

Psalms 32:10

Romans 12:12

Psalms 16:11

1 Peter 5:6-7

Till Tomorrow,

Ronnie and Christie

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