Do you Care?

It occurred to me recently how often we forget how to truly “care”.  I’m not talking about the “uncaring” comments of political candidates (at least not today).  But I wonder what would happen if we would actively care about our closest relationships.  I constantly battle the temptation to put the pressing issues of our world on a higher priority than the REAL issues that meet me face to face daily.  Do I care more about what might happen between foreign countries, or someone’s opinion on facebook who may or may not even be my “friend”, or even the all important presidential debates, or do I care more about whether I am treating my wife and those close to me with love, dignity and respect?

When our Heavenly Father says He CARES for you and me, do we really understand the depth of what that means?  It seems so natural for me to be selfish, insensitive, rude, impatient…you get the picture!  But to “care” for someone, I first must understand unconditional love.  You will probably never care for me if you have never loved me.  And when Jesus told us to love our enemies, how much more was He telling us to care deeply for our family and close friends?  Instead of lashing out at my spouse or kids, because I let my guard down, I need to remember how to “care” for them.  And that means that I need to put their feelings and interests ahead of my own in that moment.

What a different world this would be if we all learned to “care” for each other, as God cares for us.  It might require trading our selfish motives for unselfish acts of kindness (putting their needs ahead of my needs).  It might also begin with forgiveness by saying “I’m sorry”, as we humble ourselves and stop trying to win every battle.  Caring about the small things may bring victory in the bigger picture.  If you have trouble caring for someone, ask God to show you how to love them first.

Ronnie & Christie Bruce

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