What is your foundation?

Jesus should be the focus of our life, and he also needs to be our foundation. He is the only foundation that we can lean on that will not be shaken. When we do not know Jesus, we have nothing to build our life on because every time we try to create something on our own it usually collapses. Without Jesus, everything in our lives are meaningless. Ever since Jesus became our savior; we have built on the rock of His presence some things we do have flourished, and some have not. But with Jesus we have had that firm place to stand. The key to us being steady in life, is to always put Him before ourselves. When we make Jesus our focus, it is then we can walk steady throughout our life. We will have so many distractions along the way, but we have to remember to let Jesus always be our guide. Keep looking ahead to Jesus step by step as He loves us throughout our entire journey.

Psalms 16:8  I have set the lord always before me. Because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.


Ronnie and Christie


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