Ronnie and I speak this blessing over your life….all you have to do is receive it!

I declare that I am blessed with God’s supernatural wisdom, and I have clear direction for my life.

I declare that I am blessed with creativity, with courage, with ability, and with abundance.

I declare that I am blessed with a strong will and with self-control and self-discipline.

I declare that I am blessed with a great family, with good friends, with good health, and with faith, favor and fulfillment.

I declare that I am blessed with success, with supernatural strength, with promotion, and with divine protection.

I declare that I am blessed with an obedient heart and with a positive outlook on life.

I declare that any curse that has ever been spoken over you, any negative evil word that has ever come against you, is broken right now.

I declare that I am blessed with in the city. I am blessed in the country. I am blessed when I go in. I am blessed when I come out.

I declare that everything I put my hands to do is going to prosper and succeed.

I declare that I am blessed!

Ronnie and Christie

WOW, how much our lives relate to an eagle…. this is a must read…. just amazing!

When a female eagle knows, she is giving birth she starts to build her nest. The first material she uses to start building her nest is thorns, pine needles, glass, and everything she can find that is very sharp and uncomfortable. Then the next step on top of all the sharp material, the eagle will add leaves, cotton, and anything soft that she can find to make the nest cozy and comfortable for her baby eagles.

When her babies arrive, they stay in that comfortable cozy nest as the mother eagle goes out to get them food, taking care of them for quite some time. Then, as the babies start to grow up, it is time for them to leave the nest, of course, they do not want to go they are cozy and comfortable.

The mother eagle begins stirring the nest to make the sharp items at the bottom come up to the surface, making it uncomfortable for the baby eagles to stay in that nest, because she is wanting them to start flying. Once they start to fly, they can only fly for a short amount of time until they start getting really tired and what happens next is incredible. The mother eagle notices they are tiring, swoops in, spreads her wings, picks them up, and the babies ride on her wings until they are rested and ready to fly again.

Isn’t that a beautiful picture of how God works in our lives. It is in those times when our nest gets stirred and we are not in a comfortable place anymore. In those times of trouble, heartache, addictions, hopelessness, that we can trust God that He is going to swoop in, scoop us up, carry us on his wings, while we are so tired, until we can fly again.

This is just a part a life sweet friends, sometimes our days are comfortable in that cozy nest and all is good, then somedays, God stirs the nest because he wants us to fly, to trust him, and He is teaching us something we need to learn along the way.

Hang on to Jesus sweet friends, He will carry you through, all in his timing, His love never fails.

Ronnie and Christie