When life just isn’t what you planned it to be.

For a’lot of us….Life did not turn out the way it was suppose to. Starting at 17 a young girl lost, who had had an abortion. I went through a divorce, My father being murdered, remarried and my husband committed suicide. I have had jobs that did not work out, relationships that have failed, and so on an so on. I have to say in my life journey, God has had His own plan in my life. When going through all life’s struggles throughout my life, I have to say I ended up right where God wanted me to be at each stage of my life. I was not a Christian my whole adult life until I myself attempted a suicide in 2005. After years of counseling and letting go of my past habits, hurts, and hangups, I found a personal real relationship with Jesus (my PaPa) and not religion. I learned that throughout our lives, we may take a detour from what we planned, but I can assure you “He has a plan and a hope and a future for your life” Jeremiah 29:11 So where ever you are in life…..don’t give up….what ever you have lost or whatever trials you are going through, God is working behind the scene and is going to turn your mess, into His message!


Ronnie and Christie



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