A huge lesson for my husband and I from my neighbor and her 8-year-old foster child.

As we were leaving for Birmingham for the weekend, we were loading our car and my sweet friend that lives next door, was walking our way with her dog and her precious foster child. As they approached our car I noticed the sadness in the little girl’s face. I proceeded to ask her what was wrong, and she silently stood there. About that time my neighbor looked at me and said “she was supposed to have visitation with her mom today and her mom did not show up”. While looking at that sweet little face of the 8-year-old child, my heart began to sink, leaving me speechless. My neighbor spoke up and said, but she got a new bike today, still not a smile from the little girl, we went to McDonald’s today to, still no smile, she also got some new cloths today, not any emotion in her little face. I went to hug her and told her sometimes mommy’s can be so stupid. I told her about when I was a stupid mom making poor decisions with my children. I told her that one day her mom would come around to, just don’t give up hope. I kind of poked and picked at her a little and then I saw a small glimpse of a smile with total sadness behind it. As we got in the car to leave for Birmingham, my heart was broken, there is nothing worse than feelings of abandonment from a parent which were so apparent in her. Which then leads to all kinds of issues especially with a little girl, who longs to be mommy and daddy’s little princess.  There are parents out there who try to have relationships with their children, and the child says NO WAY, then there are those who like this small child that material things that were given to her that day, were not enough to make her smile she just longed for her mommy. I am so grateful to know that my papa (“Jesus” longs for me that way, and every one of you that way) It is so good to know when we feel some sort of abandonment that we always will have Jesus to run to, who will show up for us every time. Nor will he ever leave us because of any of the wrongs that we do. He loves us unconditionally, my prayer for this little girl is to find His love, never failing, no-condition, holds us tight in His arms, speaking to her heart through his word, a real true love for her that she will never have to question.

Please continue to pray for our neighbor Amy, I have seen several foster children come and go, but for her and her husband to have the heart to do what they do, is just amazing.

Ronnie and Christie

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