The sun will come up tomorrow and be even brighter than your yesterday.

Sometimes things hit us that we never saw coming. Life, it sometimes just gets tough. I know in my life I have overcome so many obstacles. Childhood physical and sexual abuse, my dad’s murder, a husband committing suicide, and my story goes on and on. I re-married and was married for 6 years when my husband served me with divorce papers a year ago. I found myself face down on the floor again; why God, why? Isn’t that the question we always ask him?

I just have to tell you, it was a blessing in disguise. Do you know the song I thank God for unanswered prayer by Garth Brooks? That became my song; I started to find me again that had been lost for so many years. When you put a butterfly in a box, it dies. That was me; in that marriage, I was dying. I now see that the divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me; it set me free. I am closer to Jesus than I ever have been.

I see the light in every day and find joy in every day. I started thanking God for every trial I was going through. Sounds crazy, right? Not at all; start thanking Him for what He will teach you as you go through your trial. Surround yourself with positive people that build you up, not those who tear you down. Start to thank Him that He chose you to go through it, so you will be the one to help others. Find the good in the struggle just as I did. I promise you, God has got this, He has you, and you will be a better person because of it. Hang in there, sweet friends!


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